Head over heels.

Head over heels ♥

Saturday, October 17, 2009
#681; Moved

I've moved, a long time ago actually hahah.
But yes, here you go!
<: See you there!

Saturday, August 22, 2009
#680; We've got an issue right here

11 Lectures worth to memorize.
Desti, why be so hard on me.
Stop breathing down my neck.
I need a break.
Felt like a book worm. But I hate worms.
Say no to smoke, say no to study.
I'm so sleepy right now. Don't think I'll ever miss taking papers. Its torturous.
Feel like moving this blog permanently to Livejournal, what say you? :)
Just wasted 5 mins on this. Should go play now and start studying tomorrow morning.
Goodbye earthlings.
Good luck with your papers <:

Wednesday, August 19, 2009
#679; Way to go!

There's something wrong with Blogger and I can't post any photos, sucksss.
Anyway studying week is almost over, exams are almost here! 2 days later it'll be my 1st paper! Hope it'll be a breeze. Okay that's too much to ask for but at least be manageable? :)

This is the last sem that I'll be taking papers. Can't wait to get over and done with it. 4 papers are all madnessssss. Tons of theories! Have been studying @ Starbucks with Cels, and sometimes Bobs and Peanut. Today has got to be the most efficient day. Tomorrow's gonna be lock-self-@home-intense-study day. Hope its gonna work because yesterday's home stay sucked.

Today's one of the days that I didn't meet up with Bobs and same for tomorrow since I'm locking myself up @ home hahah. But its gooooood think its healthy to have 1 day off from each other! Good training for the start of SIP days since I may have graveyard shifts and he'll most probably be having a 9-5 job. Way to gooooo :)

And since this is a random and anti-stress post, I'm probably dead. Mum's gonna update my bank books tomorrow. No no no, its not depleting, I hope.

Sunday, August 09, 2009
#678; Need to be a Mugger!

"Hope there will be a lot of my name and a lot of good things about me HAHA."
Here's a text from the Boyfriend just before I start on this post hahaha. Shall try to keep in mind!

The very cute ear-piece Boyfriend got for me & him for 9th Monthsary damn cuteee but my ears are too small for those you know the must squeeze into the ears kind. When I put in, less than 1 minute, the ear-piece will fall out of my ears :/ Nonetheless, I love it! :)

And here's a photo of him (His hair quite messy ah) very un-willingly biting my Topshop shoes (Another 9th monthsary present) for me so that I wouldn't get blisters! :) Its working yo, no blisters! Love the shoes and the boy plentyyy :D

Went for Bedok 85 with Twin, Bread and Peanut on Tues before we head for Ice Cream Chef without Peanut! Their serving portions are reallyyy huge! And Tuesdays are free Mix-ins Day!! :D Think the ice cream is really nice!

Yeah last presentation in TP, in 3.1! Finally, no more presentations!! No more trying to sync our colour codes & etc. Over over over.

Bestie Kai treated Bobs & I to Marutama Ramen! When I'm done with SIP, I shall do the same! :):) Anddd to top it up, he ended the day off with Hokkaido Ice Cream for us as well! :)

Can't really rmbr what happened throughout the week except for going with the group mates to Fish & Co. for our last project, restaurant review. The portions are really huge my God, waste of my money. Too small an appetite. I ate less than half of my New York Fish & Chips and drank only 3 mouths of my Fish Chowder before I passed it to Peanut! As contradicting as I may sound, I might be going for Jap buffet with my parents tmr!! Hahaha. Fat girl I know sucks.

And I finally got my hair cut!! The length doesn't seem very short when I let it down but when I tie it up, its short yo! Snipped off the split ends and tidied up my bangs :) Greattt now my hair feels smooth!! :):)

Kkkk I've got like 4 papers for End-sem, I'd better start trying to S.T.U.D.Y! Last Ticketing test next week, wish me luck! I got to do well!

& yes, Boyfriend loveee (:

Friday, July 31, 2009
#677; Sub Comm Camp On-The-Go!

Sub-Comm Camp in a few hours time!
Just done with lunch with Bobs :)
Bought a thousand stuffssss and only managed to eat like 1/4 of everything sucksss.
But appetite growing small is a good thing! Slim down slim down slim down.

Bobs is still eating disgustingly beside me, with all his soup dripping down his mouth tsk.
Okay I'm quite excited for Sub Comm Camp! :)
Going off to buy more logistics items!
Goodybyey :D

Tuesday, July 28, 2009
#676; Somebody call 911

Yesterday was one of my worst days in life.
Can you imagine being all fine in the day then suddenly feeling all dizzy and fainty.
Was supposed to head to TM Ajisen for dinner with BHSSTP; Kai's treat!!
But by the time I was reaching TM, I'm almost left with 0% energy.
It was sooo bad, every level I went up, the more I felt like vomiting.

Vomited like twice before I decided that I should really go to the Doctor.
Thank God for Bobs who cabbed down to fetch me to the Doctor opposite my house and acc me for like 1.5hours.
And Daddy for coming down to help me get a queue no. and acc me after Bobs left (:
Waited for like 1.5hours before I get to see the Doctor.
Thought I would just faint and die on the spot, it was so terrible.
Got a 2 days MC and people around are just insisting that it's because I skip meals which is sooo not true. Had both breakfast and lunch yesterday!
Went down for a blood test just now cos Doctor suspected that it's due to low blood count.
Shall get the results today or tmr!

Now I'm off to working for BSC at home and studying for Lodging test tmr!
Bye kidzzzz.

Sunday, July 19, 2009
#675; Awesome week! :)

Mon we went to Suki Sushi to celebrate a day without MICE tutorial :):) Hahaha shiok like mad! Then BHSSTP dinner together with Tan Tan, Brens and Kai :D It was a greattt catching up session!! And I can't rmbr what else happen throughout the week.

Hm, I rmbr going for Ikea meatballs!! (: And having Bandito like twice this week! And OF COURSEEE, watching Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince! :D I think it was pretty good compared to other Harry Potter movies! I'm happy with Channel 5 showing Harry Potter every week :) Like how I'm watching Goblet of Fire now! I think I like it the mosttt! Need to study for MICE test tmr buttt think I'm giving it a miss. Harry Potter is too good to skip!

Yesterday was goooooooood :) Spent the whole day with my parents! Went to shop with my Mum in the morning! I likeeeeeeee (: And think they're going to pay for the pair of Topshop shoes that I've been eyeing for!! Then had damn shioking dinner with them :):) The whole day was damn goooood! More of these to come!

And today was working at Hort Park for a Family Day event with Twin, Bready, Bobs and Jeremiah :) It was crazy standing under the sun for telematches! Almost had heat stroke or maybe die of dehydration cos I hate those bottled water :/ But thank God Bobs bought me Coke! (: Lunch was sucky but after that was great! Had fun at the inflatable castle playing with those kidsss especially the pair of Sis and Bro! They're damn cuteeeeeeee! :D I think it was quite a simple job considered for the amount of pay we're receiving and it was funnn! Don't mind a second try! (:

Alrightsss, shall concentrate on Harry Potter now and perhaps try, just tryyy to touch a little of MICE! Have a great week ahead people! :)